Saffron stew with shrimps


It has definitely been awhile I last posted a recipe. The reason is our move to our new apartment and all the preparations and fixing after wards. But, I am getting back on track with totally new enthusiasm. And the apartment btw, is awesome!

Something that I find very Swedish during Christmas is saffron. Saffron is used in all sorts baking and cooking. Where I come from, country that has been really poor before the 1980’s never could use such an expensive spice like that, just like it’s sugar! Despite that I have started to love saffran after I moved to Sweden 3,5yrs ago. Here is my favorite recipe on saffran stew made our of root vegetables and lobster fond.


Saffran stew with shrimps for 4:

600g bag of frozen root vegetables like this for example Rotfruktsmix
1 onion
0,5 dl lobster broth
0,5g saffron
1 cube vegetable stock
1-1,5l water
2 tbsp thyme
2dl cream (I used Oatlys oat cream for cooking)
Fresh dill
oil or butter for frying
200g Shrimps or crayfish tails

  1. Slice the onion in cubes and fry slightly in a saucepan. Add the saffran and blend well.
  2. Add the frozen root vegetables, water, lobster broth, vegetable broth and dill after your liking
  3. Let it boil around 30 minutes
  4. Start then mixing with an immersion blender, add the cream your choice, salt and pepper. Check the taste
  5. Serve with shrimps on top and decorate with fresh dill


And oh yes, by the way. We got extension to our family. Our cat Mitsu has been quite lonely and needs more activities. We bought a kitten and they seem to get along well already after 2 days. His name is Leif, like the famous Swedish criminologist Leif G.W Persson. Grumpy old man. This Leif is not as grumpy though.

Have a pleasant time before Christmas and don’t stress. There will be Christmas next year too.


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