Crispy cod in browned butter with Canarian potatoes


It is time to reveal you the most amazing fish recipe we have to share! This recipe is actually Gustavs and I love it.

We have breaded cod with crisp rye-bread (but panko or other bread crumbs goes well too) which gives the fish crispiness and bit of sourness.  With the fish we served Canarian potatoes, chopped kale and browned butter. Heavenly! Oh yeah, if you do not have a clue what Canarian potatoes are I will tell you now. They are simply unpeeled potatoes that are cooked in high amount of salt and they are supposed to look wrinkly when ready.


Recipe for 4

Breaded cod

400g MSC labeled cod (MSC stands for sustainable fishing)
6 pieces of Finn crisp
2 organic eggs
1dl flour (the darker the better)

Canarian potatoes

0,5l water
500g small potatoes
3 tbsp salt

Browned butter

200g butter

On top of the dish

2cm piece of horseradish
Chopped kale
Lemon slices


  1. Start with crushing the finn crisps to fine crush and then put the crush in to a bowl. Mix the eggs in another bowl and pour the flour in a third bowl.
  2. Start breading the cod fillets in first in the bowl with flour, then move on to the egg and last but not least turn the fillets around in the finn crisp crush
  3. Now start cooking the unpeeled potatoes. Stir in the salt when water is boiling, place lid on the pan and reduce heat to medium-high. Let them boil around 20 minutes but stir every 5 minutes.
  4. Start frying the cod fillets on a frying pan with butter or oil on medium heat for 2 minutes on each side.
  5. Brown the butter in a separate sauce pan. You simply just cook the butter as long as it starts to turn brown, but do not burn it on too high heat! Medium high heat is used here too
  6. Now check that the potatoes are thoroughly cooked with a fork, there should  not be any resistance. Pour out the water and return the pan to the stove and leave the potatoes to dry. When the skins become wrinkly and the potatoes are grey and covered in salt crystals, they’re ready.
  7. Grate 2cm piece of a horseradish, chop kale and slice some lemon into wedges.
  8. Start with putting the potatoes on a deep plate, pour over some browned butter and put the cod fillet on top. Decorate with grated horseradish, chopped kale and lemon.


Have a lovely Thursday!


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