Clafoutis- French pancake with peaches

Clafoutis is a soft French pancake with berries/fruits and lovely to eat with some vanilla ice cream. Next time I would love to try it with ripen plums or cherries but at the moment the peach season is at its peak. When baking clafoutis leave it soft in the middle. The consistency of a clafoutis should remind more of a pudding than a Swedish pancake.

Clafoutis with peaches

4 Peaches
25 gram butter
2dl heavy cream
1 dl milk
1 dl sugar
1,5 dl wheat flour
1/4 tsp salt
Vanilla ice cream

1. Melt the butter in a pot
2. Whip the eggs in a bowl with 3/4 dl of 
sugar until very fluffy. 
3. Pour in cream, milk, melted butter, 
wheat flour and salt and blend together.
4. Slice the peaches in to wedges or halves
5. Butter a rectangular oven dish 
(approx. 18cm x 23cm) so the pancake wont stick 
6. Pour half of the pancake batter in to the 
oven dish and put on top half of the peaches. 
Then pour over rest of the pancake batter and bake 
in 175° for 20 minutes. Put on top the rest of the 
peaches and sprinkle over the rest of the sugar. 
7. Bake another 15 minutes more or until the 
pancake is still a bit spongy, not runny.
8. Let it cool down a bit and serve with some 
vanilla ice cream

Hope you enjoy this recipe! // Anniina

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