Crispy quinoa salad with grapes and roasted almonds + mango vinaigrette

I got very inspired by a take away salad bought in Helsinki on our latest trip there in the beginning of July. That salad was made of crunchy red cabbage, blueberries, grapes and very lovely feta cheese on top so I tried to make something similar at home. And of course you can add or take away ingredients you prefer to have or not to have. Cooking is not chemistry!

Making mango vinaigrette at home is also very simple but brings your salad business to next level. Our goal now is to only eat vegetarian/vegan food at home and this is a perfect lunch to begin with. The recipe serves 2 persons and is very simple to make.

Crispy quinoa salad

250g of red cabbage
1dl of black quinoa 
200g of grapes
100g fresh blueberries
100g feta cheese
handful of almonds
chili flakes (not necessary)

1. Start cooking quinoa in salted water. Use the instructions from the package
2. Roast the almonds on a dry pan until they get a bit more    brown and crispy
3. Slice red cabbage into thin but long slices with a decent kitchen knife
4. You can cut grapes into smaller pieces/slices if you like
5. Start stacking your salad by starting with quinoa, then sliced red cabbage etc. Last break the feta cheese with your hands and sprinkle over the salad. and then pour over mango vinaigrette and some chili flakes.
6. Enjoy with a glas of nice Chardonnay and fresh bread 

Mango vinaigrette

Half a ripen mango
3 tbsp olive oil
1 apple cider vinegar (or just vinegar)

1. Mix mango and apple cider vinegar together with hand blender
2. Add so much olive oil until you get desired consistency (Vinaigrette is supposed to be runny)
3. Season with salt and pepper

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